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Mar 26 2020

How to Get The Best Results Every Time

We all want the absolute best results every time we start something. Whether we are working at achieving a simple task to tackling a large project, we all have the best intentions and an expectation that we will achieve what we set out to. We also are well aware (or at least we should be)…

Mar 21 2020

Top Secrets To Overcoming Adversity

Everyone struggles with adversity at one time or another. Without the struggles how would we know or recognize the true joys in this life. The real challenge is keeping a clear perspective when we are facing the adversity and not letting it overwhelm you. Here are a few things you can do to help you…
Happy People

Feb 14 2020

10 Habits of Happy People

  Everyone wants to be happy! Happiness comes from the feelings of joy, wonder and satisfaction from your inner self. We need to change our focus from external joys and concentrate on what’s inside for everlasting happiness. On this Valentine’s Day, whether you have a significant other or not, focus on your inner happiness, unless…

Jul 18 2019

Stop Pitching and Educate Instead

To actually sell more of whatever it is you sell – start educating your customers on the services you provide instead of just making sales pitches all the time. Tell them what to expect. You must first gain their trust before they will ever buy something from you.

Jul 1 2019

3 Steps To Get More Clients

Look – more clients more money right, right! You got into business to serve your clients. To give them the best possible offering, product or service, and in your unique way. Follow these steps to gain more clients faster. Like this? Join My Leadership Coaching – https://troybatchelor.com/coaching/ Videos designed to give you encouragement, challenge you,…

Jan 1 2019

Stop and Watch to Grow Your Sales

This will be one of the hardest things you do as a leader/manager/owner – stop and watch your team in action. That’s right, stop doing the things on your task list, answering emails, setting up the next promotion and just watch your operation in action. Are you happy with how your customers are being greeted,…