The Time Is Now.

You have the ability to transform your entire world!

I provide Leadership Coaching for Retail Owners, Executives and Store Management that will empower you and your business with the insight, accountability and focus you need to achieve the consistent results you crave. 

Troy Batchelor

My Philosophy

No one else can succeed for you.

The responsibility for your success lies completely within your control!

It's not your parents, not your boss' (if you have one), not your spouse or best friend's.


I believe this quote by Albert Einstein to be true:

Everybody is a genius!

But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it's stupid. 

I want to help you find the genius that is in you. 

Are you ready to be a better leader?

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The Go-Getter Book

Troy's Newest Release - The Go Getter

Are you ready to accomplish everything you set your mind too?

Originally published in 1921, this compulsively readable parable has inspired hundreds of thousands of employees and entrepreneurs to take action, increase their “value” and excel against all odds.

Now more than 500,000 copies later, this updated version finally includes a Life Application Guide to put action steps to each of the lessons throughout this timeless classic.

In a time when the labor market is tight and the opportunities to build your own brand, start your own business or make your own opportunities in life are boundless.

How can you maintain positive energy, take control of your career, and prepare yourself to ace the tests that are sure to come your way?

By applying the timeless lessons anyone at any level can learn to ignite or rekindle the Go-Getter in themselves.

Anyone who is ready to take the next step in their leadership, excel in their organization and transform their career needs to read The Go Getter.


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