I Help Service Company Owners Achieve Results That Drive Revenue!

Mindset Matters Most!!

I help you:

  • Automate Your Marketing & Sales Processes
  • Clarify Your Personal/Business Mission
  • Specify & Develop Your Product Offering
  • Set & Actually Hit Your Goals With Consistency
  • Stop Procrastinating & Start Executing

"Natural Leader"

“Troy was responsible for both the development of the product line as well as the marketing and sales. Sales of his product line increased annually, one year achieving a 61% increase.

Troy is a natural leader and coach and he understands how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a company."

- Larry - President - National Service Company

"More Revenue from my customers."

“Troy quickly identified additional service offerings, adding more revenue from our client base, as well as allowing us to secure new clients in new industries.
As a result, our margins enjoyed a significant increase. Troy’s insight, vision, sales ability, attention to details and unending tenacity directly improved our company’s operations, financials, position, and reputation in the industry.

- Tim - CEO 

"Big Picture Perspective"

His past operational management experience provides him with a big picture perspective, adaptability and sense of urgency. His solutions are mindful of the customers experience, P & L obligations and project impact on the store teams work environment.

Troy is a coaching team leader and advocate for professionalism and program implementation."

- Bob - SVP - National Retailer

Great Books = Great Leaders

The Go-Getter Book

A Leaders Foundation - The Go Getter

Are you ready to accomplish everything you set your mind too?

Originally published in 1921, this compulsively readable parable has inspired hundreds of thousands of employees and entrepreneurs to take action, increase their “value” and excel against all odds.

Now more than 500,000 copies later, this updated version finally includes a Life Application Guide to put action steps to each of the lessons throughout this timeless classic.

In a time when the labor market is tight and the opportunities to build your own brand, start your own business or make your own opportunities in life are boundless.

How can you maintain positive energy, take control of your career, and prepare yourself to ace the tests that are sure to come your way?

By applying the timeless lessons anyone at any level can learn to ignite or rekindle the Go-Getter in themselves.

Anyone who is ready to take the next step in their leadership, excel in their organization and transform their career needs to read The Go Getter.


Order Your Copy of The Go Getter (Kindle)

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Achieve Results

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